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Academy Board Member / Round Table USA:

Hermann H. Otto,  PH.D., MBA (USA/VZ/GB)

Founder & CEO - Entrepreneur since 1988, science economy, management and marketing, since 2008 in the field of holistic medicine, business coach and mentor


Vladimir Teplitsky, PH.D.

President of the Academy - For many decades he has been engaged in oriental practices, he has repeatedly been studying these practices in India, China, Tibet, Egypt and other countries. He also does remote viewing and is the author of articles and books on Eastern teachings and practices: “Awareness is a spiritual discipline in religions, teachings and practices”, “Awareness of the brain, soul and energy”, “Letters to friends about health”. These books help to reach a new level of health and spiritual development.


Dr. Aldino L. Pierotti III, MD

Medical Director HolMed - Physician since 1988 and Surgical and Cardiovascular Thoracic/Trauma Critical Care Physician. Since 2009 he has been running his practice in Pittsburgh/PA. Holistic medicine is his focus. He is a multi award-winning physician and has published many publications and articles.

Aleksandr Reshetnyak, PH.D.

Director of Science and Technology Development - Engineer, research and development scientist since 1981. Specialized in energy and medical technology development. He is author of many publications and articles and has a couple of patents in this field.



Dr. Elena K. Koles, MD, PhD

Immunological, Metabolic and Psychological Approach to Chronic Diseases in Children and Adults.

Preventive & Environmental medicine, Immunology, Food Allergy, Psychosomatic medicine.

Board Certified in Integrative Pediatrics, MD practitioner, USA

Academy Board Member / Round Table International:

Prof. Dr. Viktor Zyganov, MD 

Int. Director of Scientific Research and Development, Quantum Medicine, Senior Advisor

Prof. Dr. Alexander Trofimov, MD

Int. Director of Technology, Technical Development and Quantum Physics

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