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Welcome to the era of 5G technology - a world of lightning-fast connections and limitless possibilities. But with this new technology also comes a new challenge: E-smog. Fortunately, we have the solution for you - our groundbreaking 5G E-Smog card!

Our 5G E-Smog card is specially designed to protect your body from the ubiquitous 5G radiation. It uses advanced technologies to neutralize the negative effects of e-smog and protect your health.

The Doctor Herman 5G E-Smog-Card is suitable for use on all electronic devices, especially transmitters and receivers. The Doctor Herman 5G E-Smog-Card can be worn directly on the body or in your pocket, handbag, mobile phone case or card case. The radius of action is 150 cm or 5ft. The Doctor Herman 5G E-Smog-Card hast the same size as a Credit Card. You can count on our 5G E-Smog card to protect you from the invisible danger.

But that's not all. Our 5G e-smog card is not only effective, but also safe. It has been thoroughly tested and proven reliable to reduce the effects of 5G radiation and e-smog.

Invest in your health and safety with our 5G e-smog card. Protect yourself and your loved ones from the invisible danger of 5G radiation. Order your 5G E-Smog card today and experience the difference!


The 5G Card will be send by usps certified tracking letter !

5G E-Smog Card


  • International Academy of Holistic Medicine Health Beauty&Arts Inc.

    referred to as "HolisticLegacy" for short.

    HolisticLegacy requests that you notify HolisticLegacy of any missing or damaged items within 24 hours of delivery or as soon as you discover a possible defect. If your product is damaged upon delivery, please refuse to accept the package from the carrier and call Customer Service at 724-263-8083 so a replacement order can be processed.

    HolisticLegacy offers a three (3) day return guarantee from the date of delivery on all purchases for the full purchase price, provided the product is returned in the original manufacturer's packaging, is complete with all components and is in acceptable, resalable and undamaged condition. In other words, the product must be in the same condition in which it was originally delivered. Missing parts will invalidate this cancellation policy.

    At HolisticLegacy we believe in the exceptional value and effectiveness of all our products. We work very hard to ensure that you will share our satisfaction with the functionality and reliability of our products. HolisticLegacy offers a longer return policy than most. For this reason, HolisticLegacy offers an extended return policy of 30 days from the "date of purchase". You can return the product for a full refund minus a 10% restocking fee. The product must be returned in the original manufacturer's box, complete with all components, and in acceptable, resalable and undamaged condition.

    If a HolisticLegacy product is sold directly by an AFFILIATE to a third party from the AFFILIATE's private inventory, it is the AFFILIATE's responsibility to ensure that the same return policy as described herein is followed.

    If you ever have a question or problem with our products, we always encourage you to let us know.
    Return Process: All returns must be made as follows:
    A: Request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) label from HolisticLegacy by emailing
    B: Prepare the returned items so that they can be returned in the manufacturer's packaging as they were delivered to you.
    C: Use the RMA label provided by HolisticLegacy for the return.

    All returns must be sent to HolisticLegacy using only the RMA label provided by HolisticLegacy. HolisticLegacy will not accept customer initiated returns, freight collect packages or shipments without the RMA label provided by HolisticLegacy. If the returned product is not received at the HolisticLegacy location in St.Petersburg FL, it is the responsibility of the return customer to track the shipment and no credit will be issued until the shipment has been received by HolisticLegacy USA, inspected by HolisticLegacy USA and confirmed to be in compliance with HolisticLegacy USA's return policy.

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