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Excerpt of the technologies used 

5G E-Smog Card

The basic approach of the Doctor Herman 5G E-Smog-Card is to protect the organism from the omnipresent 5G radiation. Many factors had to be taken into account during the development of the product. For example, the biocompatibility, the selection of the frequency spectra, the correct set-up of the harmonization pattern according to the 5G waves, the correct carrier media, the validation and the reliability of the results. Read  more


The Cell Body Converter

The Cell-Body-Converter, a revolutionary device designed to combat Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome (MFDS.).

The Cell-Body-Converter is a pulsating magnetic field device that rhythmically supplies your cells with the Earth's frequency of 8 Hertz, known as the Schumann frequency. It corrects MFDS and also includes regulation frequencies to combat electrosmog pollution.  Read more


The Square - Room Converter

The Square - Room Converter is a revolutionary solution to neutralize e-smog and strengthen resilience in your living and working spaces. This innovative technology is designed to counteract the harmful effects of electro smog, a byproduct of our digital age. The Doctor Herman Square - Room Converter is not just a device, it's a revolution in health and wellness. Read more


3-D Schumann Plate

The Schumann 3-D plate is a vibrating plate. It moves sinusoidally at 7.83 Hz, which, according to the calculations of the physicist Winfried Otto Schumann in 1952, corresponds to the earth resonance frequency and our human brain frequency in a relaxed awake state.


The Schumann 3D plate opens up the possibility of holistic well-being.

Through the specific three-dimensional vibration pattern of our Schumann 3D plate

your skeleton and body will be gently erected, ordered and rhytmized.

It has a positive effect on fasciae, nervous and muscular system and relaxes and de-stresses holistically.

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We are the exclusive general importer for Schumann 3D systems in North and South America.

If you would like to become an official distributor for 3D Schumann systems, please write to us at:

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NILISA ADVANCED HOLMED USA - Nonlinear System Analysis

NILISA allows you to detect pathological changes at a very early stage - long before the first symptoms appear.


NILISA System Analysis

The NILISA system was developed in Russia during more than 20 years of research in the field of biophysical medicine and therapy.


What is NILISA?

NILISA - The biophysical analysis and therapy system. It was developed by doctors especially for medical application.

NILISA is a state-of-the-art computerized health system for analysis and impact in biophysical medicine.

It provides fully automatic information about the biophysical functional state of the human organism in a very short time - completely painless.


NILISA - Bioenergetic Analysis and Therapy System

NILISA scans the biophysical field of the human being via oscillations and recognizes the oscillation differences between the normal range and pathology with its software, which has been developed over decades.

NILISA - An investment in the future

The comprehensive analysis provides detailed information about the biophysical functional state of the human organism in a very short time. Several thousand points of the organism are scanned in a few minutes. You will receive information about stress factors such as infection agents, allergens or food intolerances.

This is done completely painlessly and is non-invasive.


The diagnostic system and therapy device NILISA additionally includes a biophysical drug test with hundreds of remedies and thus determines the optimal therapy.

The biophysical mode of action in medicine was confirmed with the discovery of biophotons in 1976 and has been used in NILISA for over 20 years.

Originally developed as a mathematical system to represent quantum processes, NILISA determines extensive information about the biophysical regulatory state of an organism within seconds.


NILISA is already successfully used today in:

  • Non-invasive examination and treatment

  • Biophysical drug testing to determine the optimal therapy

  • Comparison of complementary as well as classical healing methods: Checking the efficiency and results of clinical-physiological, folk and far-eastern healing methods (e.g. acupuncture) as well as phyto- and physiotherapy 


Biophysical analysis - NILISA gives reliable indications of:

  • Allergic, chronic and toxic stresses

  • Food intolerance

  • Dental material and heavy metal exposure (e.g. amalgam)

  • Biophysical parasite test

  • Detailed biophysical analysis of organs, tissues down to cell and chromosome level

  • Influence and therapy through specific vibration spectra

  • Comparative presentation of several measurements and prognosis

  • Determination of the current etiological factor (helminths, bacteria, viruses, allergens)

  • Programmed allopathic, homeopathic, phytotherapeutic remedies as well as nutritional supplements and foods


Fields of application

Users of NILISA recommend this method especially for the treatment of chronic diseases as well as a supporting biophysical therapy for parasite and heavy metal contamination. Especially effective is the preventive therapeutic use.

Other recommended areas of application of the system include:

  • Allergies

  • Improvement of bone and cartilage structure

  • Spinal diseases

  • Migraine and other headaches

  • Blood pressure disorders

  • Cardiovascular diseases

  • Optimization of hormonal balance

  • Rheumatism



The NILISA system, like many other natural healing methods, belongs to the field of empirical medicine. It is not accepted by the prevailing doctrine of orthodox medicine, as it cannot be scientifically proven. All statements made about effects, properties and indications are based on the findings and empirical values of the NILISA system.



Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillator

The Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillator is special in the fields of high-frequency medicine and bioresonance because it is a multi-frequency device that provides the body with a huge bandwidth of high-frequency, harmonic vibrations.

Vibrational medicine

It is often doubted by scientists that vibrations can have an influence on the body (see opponents of homeopathy, or bioresonance). However, nature shows us that this is certainly the case:

When you lie in the sun on a warm summer day after a short time you might notice that a reddening/tanning of your skin occurs. Sun rays are nothing else than oscillations within a certain frequency field. The frequencies of the sun go into resonance with the cells of the skin and cause a tan.

This simple example shows how effectively vibrations can cause changes in and on the body. Like the rays of the sun, the harmonic high frequencies of the MULTI-WAVE-OSCILLATOR go into resonance with the cells of the body and stimulate them to vibrate again in their very own and harmonic frequencies!

When Georges Lakhovsky created his Multi-Wave Oscillator at the beginning of the 20th century, he was guided by the technology available at that time. A so-called open spark gap was used to generate the multi-frequency field. In modern technology we have - taking into account the relevant principles of Nikola Tesla - a multiwave oscillator, which generates the health-promoting oscillating multi-frequency field propagated by Georges Lakhovsky, but at the same time eliminates the disadvantages of the old technology.

Tesla Water Energizer

Principles of Tesla&Lakhovsky - Bringing water into its hexagonal form

The Tesla Energizer - "water energizer" - is based on the fundamental research of Nikola Tesla and Georges Lakhovsky.

Using high frequency technology this device informs, structures and energizes water via a handheld probe, also called an "antenna". With the water energizer the water is brought into its ideal, hexagonal form. Hexagonal, also called cellular, water is able to store and transmit more energy. After all, water is the resonance field through which our cells communicate. Energized water is delivered to the body and the body is activated through the energy fields.

The leading expert in the field of water research is who is a professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington, where he directs the Pollack Laboratory.

In addition to the three known states of water (solid, liquid, gas), the researchers discovered a fourth state: the molecules of liquid water arrange themselves into a hexagonal crystal grid.

Many studies of other well-known scientists confirm the healthy structure of hexagonal water, which is able to clean our cells from the deposited harmful substances. Water is a fascinating substance - the elixir of life and, as the main component of our body, our most important food. It has an enormous impact on our well-being as well as on our health.

Kozyrev Mirror

A Kozyrev mirror is a chamber made of aluminum, diameter 9x9 ft, hight 9 ft, with a specific geometry. Such a chamber acts like a shielded room. According to the findings of N. A. Kozyrev, aluminum is particularly suitable for shielding the Earth's gravitational field and other electromagnetic fields. At the same time the energy inside is focused, due to the curvature of the surface. A time condensation occurs. This arrangement can create an access to the information field of the universe.

The local time waves within the mirror are "short-circuited" so that only the influence of the global time wave remains. The global time wave connects all living beings and physical processes. Since 1990, the experiments of N. A. Kozyrev have been continued by Russian biophysicists Alexander V. Trofimov and Vlail P. Kaznacheev. They developed from the mirror construction an apparatus, now called the Kozyrev Mirror. The original invention of N. A. Kozyrev can be described as groundbreaking.

And many more.

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